Dance With Me

A while back, a reader requested a guitar cover of this old soft-rock tune. I always like the melody and harmonies in this song, as schmaltzy and sentimental as the tune is.

I have been fooling around with a drop C tuning. And by that, I mean the entire guitar is tuned down to standard tuning. So this would be C-F-Bb-Eb-G-C.

I am playing a 1976 Guild D35NT. In fact, according to my research, it was exactly the second guitar off the factory line for Guild that year. I bought the guitar second-hand in 1978 and it has followed me around the country ever since.

We’ve made multiple cross-country treks, and even a few flights.

I had a bit of work done to it when I bought it. A luthier in Chico, CA, who had done work for David Crosby, re-fretted it and did a bit of scalloping to warm up the tone.

I only just recently began experimenting with the “tenor” tuning, and I am really enjoying it.

Anyway, here is my rendition of “Dance With Me.” And in this case, I am using the equivalent of “Drop D” tuning. The low E string in this case is tuned all the way down to Bb.


4 Replies to “Dance With Me”

  1. Very nice, George.Thanks for posting this. What gauge strings are you using? I have been experimenting with the same tuning. I especially like the sound with the capo in 3, raising it up almost to standard tuning – there is a certain richness compared to regular tuning and the strings don’t feel as floppy…but maybe with the right string gauge…


    1. HI Bob, I’m using D’Angelicos and they are 14-60. I am going to experiment with going even heavier. The bottom string is a little loose in this gauge. But I am really enjoying this tuning.


      1. Never mind..I forgot – I am using nylon strings! I forget now, but I had String by Mail make me up a custom set, but I am not entirely happy with them. I think my scale is a little short – it is a Country Artist Ovation (ca 1984).


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